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Vegepod Booster

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    New Formula

    A Premium Soil Feeder, Rejuvenator and Conditioner Concentrate 

    Vegepod Booster is a seaweed based blend specifically formulated for use in Vegepods, Vegebags, raised beds, pots and all contained gardens. It stimulates and rejuvenates the soil for edible plants which demand vigorous and sustained productivity. Vegepod Booster is an extreme premium level of quality with a complex formula

    - A unique blend of seaweed and fish with added nutrients and trace elements

    - Boosts and sustains the demanding parts of edibles such as roots, fruits, large leaves and flowers

    - Boosts and stimulates poor quality soils

    - Boosts and refeeds depleted soils after harvests 

    - Commercial farming strength 

    - Contains 1L of concentrate, dilute with water as per instructions

    - Contains NPKS

    - Made in New Zealand

  • 530 Cambridge Road, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand


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