Tunnel Houses vs. Vegepod Raised Garden Beds

Are you in need of a covered garden but have no idea what will work best? Tunnel house? Greenhouse? Vegepod? Let’s break down the differences between Tunnel Houses and Vegepod Raised Garden Beds.

Some key things to consider:

It’s helpful to consider a few things when deciding what’s best for you. Size, shape, capacity, features...      Tunnel houses or cloches require lots of space to cater to growing major amounts of plants, which makes them difficult to relocate or move around. They can often also require lots of maintenance when the cover or structure begins to rust or deteriorate.

If you want to plant lots of veggies or just a small amount, Vegepods have different sizes. If you have limited space, Vegepods are compact. If you sometimes go on holiday, don’t worry! Vegepods are self-watering. If you want to tend to your plants, not the tunnel house, greenhouse or planter itself, make it an issue of the past because Vegepods require little to no maintenance.



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Features: Benefits:
Small, Medium and Large Sizes Fits in all spaces & can plant a little or a lot!
Raised Container Garden Bed Elevated garden beds keep the plants away from pests on the ground.
Self-watering wicking system Waters plants from below and has a high-volume irriga- tion system. No more worrying about your plants when you’re away!
Polyethylene knitted mesh cover Allows light, air and rain in, but blocks from harsh UV and pests.
Accessories: wheels, stands and more. Can easily move your Vegepod on wheels, or work at height with stands.
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