• Large VegeCover Kit – (includes poles, connectors, misters and mesh cover) Covers Vegepod NZ

Replacement VegeCover Kit – Large (includes poles, connectors, hinge clips, misters and mesh cover)

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    Replacement VegeCover Kit for Vegepods or as stand alone cover kit for other existing beds.

    The VegeCover makes growing veggies easy, by providing a microclimate that promotes rapid growth and higher yields.

    Extend your growing seasons - by at least a month every year.

    Protect your veggies  - from pests, weeds and harsh elements. No need for pesticides or wildlife deterrents anymore.

    Permeable to Air and Water - Advanced greenhouse material made specifically for Vegepod allowing air and water to penetrate. 

    A shade rate of 17% helps keep harsh sun at bay and provides a superior growing environment. 

    Mist-Spray Watering System - fitted to the top of the VegeCover. Just plug into standard hose fitting. 

    Can be fitted with both the Vegepod ShadeCover and Winter/Propagation Cover.

    Dimensions: 71cm high, 196cm x 97cm

    Weight: Boxed 4.1kg. Product 3.6kg

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