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Large Starter Pack with Stand

2m x 1m of Growing Space
Raises Vegepod to waist height 80cm
Just add potting mix

  • Recommended for a family of four or those with space
  • You can grow up to 60 different varieties of greens and vegetables.
  • In the summer months, the Vegepod's full reservoirs enable it to self-water for up to 3 weeks
  • We estimate you make your money back in 1 year from saving on the grocery bills - not to mention the better taste!

  • More Information

    This all in one bundle is a great way to get growing! Check out our store locator to find a local store to get your soil. We recommend a premium vegetable mix.

    The Large Starter Pack with a Stand includes:

    1 x Large Vegepod Raised Garden Bed with Vegecover. $529

    1 x Vegepod Stand to fit the Large Vegepod. Raises your garden to 80cm high and made of galvanised and powder-coated steel for maximum durability. $219

    2 x 50L bags of Vegepod Perlite-Plus Coarse Grade Perlite. Specifically formulated for use in your Vegepod to ensure maximum wicking and moisture retention. 2 x $49

    1 x 1 Litre Vegepod Booster. Premium soil feeder for edibles, formulated to stimulate and rejuvenate soils. $25

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