Vegepod’s accessible gardening program is specifically designed for people living in independent and assisted living accommodation, enabling residents and interested staff to establish and maintain waist height, low maintenance, pest-free and safe organic gardens.

The program is committed to allowing everyone to get (or continue) growing and actively involved in their community. The program allows for both community style “podding” in common areas as well as individual “podding” in private residences.

The Vegepod accessible gardening program encourages residents to come together to share knowledge, learn from each other, get to know each other, find commonalities, celebrate differences, foster community cohesion and lessen social isolation – all through spending time together in the garden. Residents can spend time in the community garden before returning to their own individual pods to continue their gardening independently.

The program is designed to develop or engage resident’s life skills; reduce social isolation and boredom; increase community/social interactions; increase organisational sustainability initiatives by lessening its environmental impact; contribute to residential greenspaces; and improve the general wellbeing of residents and staff through therapeutic horticulture.