Introducing Vegepod’s Two New Products!

We now have a 'holy trinity' of edible gardening essentials. You've got your Vegepod, and now you can receive our tried-and-tested perlite and fertiliser!

If you’ve owned a Vegepod, you probably have heard us recommend ‘Perlite’ for your soil mix. However, it can be hard to find, be quite expensive, or not of ideal quality! So, we created our own Vegepod Perlite-Plus with a special added mineral dust to ensure you get a kickstart to your Vegepod.

After two years of controlled experiments and testing, Vegepod have also now created the Vegepod Booster. This product was made in response to the commonly asked question we at Vegepod receive day in, day out, and rightfully so!

'How and do I need to rejuvenate my soil???' 

Edible gardening is on the more demanding side of nutrient intake, so a good boost is essential.

Vegepod Booster is a unique blend specifically formulated to stimulate and rejuvenate soils for edible plants which demand vigorous and sustained productivity within contained raised beds, pots, Vegepods and Vegebags. 

At home, it’s up to you to source good sunlight and premium potting mix. These two will always be good enough, however, perlite really is a fantastic addition, and a good quality fertiliser is a must-have in your gardening kit.

Vegepod Perlite-Plus is $49 for a 50 litre bag and our Vegepod Booster is $19.99 for 1 litre.

To find out more details about each product, just read on below!

What is perlite?

It’s an organic volcanic sand that is heated in a furnace to form into rice bubble shapes, with Vegepod Perlite-Plus being of superior coarse grade. Cheaper versions or smaller grades are not so ideal for wicking beds.

What does it do?

We like to line the wicking wells to not only stop fine silts getting into the wicking bed, but to also provide a layer of absorbing perlite that will assist with the wicking process. We also mix it through the soil to keep it aerated, light and fluffy.

Even better, the Vegepod Perlite-Plus has activated rock dust throughout. This provides nutrients, balances soil and improves flavour of your veggies. By activated, we mean that it is in a form that’s fine enough to be properly absorbed into the plant’s roots.

Check out how to use Vegepod Perlite Plus video 

Vegepod Booster


Our Vegepod Booster is different to your average fertiliser, at an extreme premium level of quality, with a complex and strong formula only otherwise available in commercial farming. 

Importantly, it's not just a feeder, it's also a conditioner - which triggers the roots and hormones to actually take in the needed nutrients.

So, what's in it?

A unique blend of seaweed, fish and added humates, minerals and trace elements.
What does it do, simply please?

  • Boosts and sustains the demanding parts of edibles such as roots, fruits, large leaves and flowers.

  • Boosts and stimulates poor quality soils

  • Boosts and refeeds depleted soils after harvests.

  • Conditions roots and triggers hormones for effective intake.

To hear how it all works watch this video.

How do I use it?
 Watch this and learn all about it.

How to fill your Vegepod?